Friday, December 24, 2010

BBCS 3v3 Random Team Aftermaths!

Sorry for the last post, but here are the results for last week's BBCS 3v3 Random Team Double Elimination Tournament held at Iluma!

1st place: Team mashsuperandwin-Hiro(TAO)/Kenzi(BANG)/IAmRauizu(NOEL)


2nd place: Team Faylar(JIN)/Joel(RAG)/Alex(TAO)


3rd place: Team Neo Din Gee(RAG?)/OblivionSlayer(BANG)/R-chusan(ARA)


Once again, many thanks to the organizing committee for making this tournament possible, especially to Pablo for forking out his own pocket money for the sound cable to let us all have a more enjoyable experience!

Do visit our forums for details on upcoming events and news especially on BBCS2 at our forums at here!

For more photos on this event, feel free to check out our local photographer (hope he's camera's okay) Edumand's album here!

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

BBCS 3v3 Random Team Double Elimination Tournament!


That's right everyone! Now it's time to step it up a notch! Introducing the first time ever 3V3 RANDOM TEAM FORMAT. Yes that's right, three random players per team! Who shall go first? How will you decide the formations? Have a bad matchup? Let your teammate cover you!

Date: 18th December 2010
Time: 1:00 pm
Format: 3v3 Random Team, Double Elimination
Fee: $4

Prizes -
1st place: $60 Tornado Voucher
2nd place: $30 Tornado Voucher
3rd place: 3x $5 Tornado Card

Signups are @ Iluma Level 7 TORNADO Counter!!

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Friday, November 19, 2010

AFAX BBCS Tournament Videos Uploaded!

Hey everyone, it's finally here! The videos of the AFAX BBCS Tournament are officially out on YouTube and available in High Defination!

Watch how our 4 finalists duke it out for the top prize on the stage with live commentary from Vx and Lionel!

Do subscribe to our new YouTube Channel for more updates!

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Sunday, November 14, 2010


I NEEDS MOAR BLAZBLUE @ AFAX 14th November 2010

The results from the Last Chance qualifiers:
  • 4th Qualifiers
  • Pablo - Taokaka
  • Hannybal - Litchi
  • TKB - Noel
  • Lionel - Hakumen

The 16-man double elimination match is over and here are the results:

1st - Jaeshi (Bang)
2nd - ChiChiBoy (Ragna)
3rd - Pablo (Taokaka)

Top three winners walked away with $100, $60, $40 respectively all proudly sponsored by SGFinest.

MVP by vote goes to ZackTee (Carl) who achieved 4th place, received a 24 carat gold brick by Team Xialan.

Special Shoutouts to :

SGFinest for their unparalleled support. We could not have done it at AFAX, one of the hottest events of the year without them.

Team Xialan for running the tournament and providing commentary.

Farpenoodle for coming down both days diligently making the brackets and helped out in running the tournament.

Jjjynx and Albert who greatly contributed with the use of their PS3s. Without them we would just steam take cab and go home la Joel.

Yamamoto Transport for powering Team Xialan. Without them, the MCs on the ministage would not be so steam.

Lionel for putting money and time into masterminding the tourney. Plus the Rebel2 corner was easily the most comfortable spot in AFAX with his couch and secret beanbag.

And of course, AFAX itself for hosting the hype that was the Blazblue community.


Rebel2 will be posting up the match vids for the Semi Finals and up as soon as we can. Keep your eyes peeled for the next update!

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

13th Nov - AFAX BBCS Qualifiers Results!

AFAX 2010 BBCS Battle Update!

Today was an exciting day as the Blazblue community came together to pit their skills against each other to qualify for tomorrow's 16 player Final Showdown. Shoutouts to our Rachel cosplayer NekoKit otherwise known as Onani Girl who came down to support us in full battle costume, complete with Nago umbrella and Gii soft toy.

So far, 12 players have already qualified for the 16 player showdown:

  • 1st Qualifiers
  • Alex - Carl Clover
  • Chichiboy - Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Jaeshi - Bang Shishigami
  • Jjjynx - Makoto Nanaya

  • 2nd Qualifiers
  • Beergut - Hazama
  • Dneo - Noel Vermillion
  • Ligen - Ragna the Bloodedge
  • ZackTee - Carl Clover

  • 3rd Qualifiers
  • Donaven - Lambda-11
  • Hiro - Taokaka
  • R-Chusan - Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Seo - Jin Kisaragi

Our final Last Chance Qualifiers will be held at 11am tommorow, 14th November. Please arrive early to register with our Rebel2 Tourney Organisers!

The 16 player Final Showdown will be held sometime in the afternoon after the last qualifiers are done, so even if you have already qualified earlier today, please do come at 12 to 1pm just to be sure you do not arrive too late!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween Match Videos and Brackets

While everyone is waiting for the upcoming AFAX BBCS tourney, please enjoy these matches that has been recorded for your viewing pleasure! Credits to SGFinest for providing recording equipment and expertise.

Here is the result brackets:
Loser Bracket to the left and Winners to the right.

Only the top 8 team matches will be uploaded (Still in progress!). So check back to see future updates!

Some statistics:

Total characters that joined for the tournament!

Ragna 6 - 16%
Tager 5 - 14%
Jin 3 - 8%
Tsubaki 3 - 8%
Taokaka 3 - 8%
Makoto 3 - 5%
Arakune 2 - 5%
Bang 2 - 5%
Hazama 2 - 5%
Noel 2 - 5%
Rachel 2 - 5%
Carl 1 - 3%
Litchi 1 - 3%
Mu 1 - 3%
Valkenhayn 1 - 3%

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rebel2 @ AFAX: 13~14th Nov Tournament

Huge news directly from Team Xialan's VX @ Round1:

Already everyone, we are going to have a tournament THIS COMING WEEKEND at AFAX!

Details have yet to be finalized, but i know you weeaboos were planning to head down anyways. Now you get to head down, be an otaku, and join a BlazBlue Tournament as well, with CASH prizes generously sponsored by

Date: 13-14th Nov 2010
Format: 1v1
Entrance Fee: FREE (not counting the AFAX entrance fee)

Details are yet to be confirmed, but tentatively, the top 8 qualifiers from Day 1 will be entered into the quarter-finals on day 2.

Details will be updated as they become available, so please stay tuned. Bring your friends, your family, your grandmothers and especially your loli-sisters, because this tournament is gonna be a BLAST.

Now thats what we're talking about, more events for our favorite 2D fighter!
Our best men, Team Xialan will be hosting the tournament so expect HYPE.
Even your grandmother will approve. MRMM MRMM.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Console Tournament Aftermath!

Hey guys, it's been awhile but we finally came to the conclusion of the Halloween Console Tournament just today! Mad props to all those who participated, most of you using your subs instead of your mains to give others a chance. I hope everyone enjoyed the random 2v2 double elimination format our organizers came up with.

Congratulations to our 6 winners:
1st - Souhaku/Kenzi
2nd - R-chusan/OblivionSlayer
3rd - Kuni/Lionel

Seriously R-chusan, stop using the pad =/

Here's some shoutouts from me:

Shoutout to Team Xialan for all the great commentary, and Jonda for cosplaying the cutest schoolgirl anyone has ever seen.

Shoutout to all the guest fill-in commentaries.

Shoutout to Konjiki for beating up 'XiaoTing' for me.

Shoutout to Zio and jjjynx for providing the PS3s and the game.

Shoutout to farp the malaysian.

Shoutout to F********Joel for being a great sport :p

Shoutout to Eddie the cammyman.

Shoutouts to all the marshallers; Hiro, Hannybaba, Souhaku.

MAJOR SHOUT-OUTS TO SGFinest for providing their video recording equipment and expertise. Words cannot describe the passion and professionalism shown by the SGFinest crew today. Please visit them at to see what they are up to!

And of course, shoutout to Iluma for making all of this possible.

As usual, photos will be uploaded soon as well as videos. Yes, we will be having videos up on YouTube once we obtain them so do watch out for the birth of our channel.

If you wish to post your feedbacks, feel free to drop by at the forum HERE and list your own opinions of the whole event.



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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Upcoming Halloween Console Tournament!

From our Omnipotent
Commentator cum Organiser, 'VX':

Attention players, dogs, onani girls and assorted Ehs. With the upcoming release of BB:CS2 hot on everyone's minds, Rebel2 proudly brings to you our very first Halloween Console Tournament. Come on down and show off your new found skills with the DLC characters and let everyone know why they're a force to be feared once the arcade release comes out!

In the spirit of encouraging a diverse player as well as character base, this will be a RANDOM TEAM 2v2 event. Players will be randomly assigned team mates by our wonderfully sexy tournament software on the day itself, or earlier if we max out slots.

In the spirit of All Hallow's Eve, the first 10 people to show up in costume on that day will have their entry fees waived. So slut it up and come scantily dressed. In fact, if you come naked, I'll personally cover your entry fee.

Date: 31/10/10
Time: 1230
Format: Random Team 2v2 Double elimination

Registration is open NOW, so head on down to everyone's favourite place the level 7 counter at Iluma to register today. Oh, and catch a shrilling lady while you're there. Only 370 tickets at mushroom, best redemption item ever. If you bring it to the tournament, i'll let you squeeze it into the mic.

Well, you heard the man, its going to be a smoking hot Halloween this year at Illuma, so see all of you there!

Check out for more details!

Signing off,

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Akahoshi Memorial Tournament Aftermath

The Akahoshi Memorial Tournament concluded yesterday with an unexpected winner! Khairi (^^), our legendary Malay player who has just returned from Japan and climbed his way to first place! Whether his powers which allowed him to clench victory was derived from wearing his 'Kamen Rider' mask, sporting his newly re-bonded hair or from his Malay origin we will probably never figure it out.

Second place goes to Zio with his power of love and Third place goes to Jae who eliminated Chichiboy, whom was shocked that Jae was knocked out by Malay in the first place. For Chichiboy, all of a sudden Third placing actually seemed difficult to achieve!

Props to all the players who participated. Photos will be uploaded soon so keep a look out for them either in our Twitter or on this blog. Thanks for listening to my lousy commentary attempts and for participating! Thanks to all those who bought the awesome LIMITED EDITION Akahoshi T-shirt! Thanks also for keeping the good distance away from the machine!

And finally, thanks to Iluma for making all this possible.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Akahoshi Memorial Tournament Exclusive Merchandise!

That's right folks, as promised (and spoiled for those of you who were at bugis these last few days) Rebel2 brings to you it's very own limited edition AKAHOSHI MEMORIAL T-SHIRTS.

Modeled here by the lovely luissa, these t-shirts are stylish enough to wear to your own wedding. Or in the case of kuanyi, awesome enough to scare the shit out of your mother.

Stocks are EXTREMELY limited, and since we hate lugging shit around, we're going to be putting these up for pre-orders.

Send an email to rebel2sg [at] with the title "Akahoshi Memorial T-shirt Pre-order" and state your name, nickname and preferred size.

The cost for each of these works of onanistic art is a paltry $20 if you pre-order NOW. You'll receive your shirt on tourney day, 02/10/10 once you pay up.

Sales on the day itself will set you back $25, so really. It makes no sense whatsoever not to pre-order now.

For more information, go to the Round1 Forums here!

More pictures from the photo shoot can be found at our Rebel2 Facebook page here!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Akahoshi Memorial Tournament

REBEL 2 officially announces: The Akahoshi Memorial Tournament! (赤星記念闘劇)

NOTE: Due to a set of very unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances the tournament has been pushed back by one week to the 2nd of October. Signups are still open now.

Venue: Arcadia (Iluma 5th Floor)
Date: 02/10/10 (Saturday)
Time: 1330 – 1800
Registration Fee: $4
Prizes: $40/$20/$10 vouchers for top 3

In loving memory of our dearly departed friend Daichi, Rebel2 is hosting another exciting event in his honor. The Akahoshi Memorial BlazBlue Tournament is happening THIS SATURDAY. With the success of the 2v2 random team tournament last month and chalet last weekend, we decided to give our players the chance to exhibit their new found skills in the most challenging format possible: 1v1.

Felt like you were being held back by your partners during the previous tourney? Felt like the competitive field was too watered down by the lack of veteran players? Felt like you would have placed regardless? This tournament is open to ALL!

Come on down to pit your skills against the best Singapore’s BlazBlue scene has to offer, and hang out with your new found best friends. Even if you can’t make it for the tournament, come on down halfway to give your support, and listen in to commentary by special guests Team Xialan.

* Special limited edition merchandise will be available, as well as possible pre-orders for something really really special!

Signups are open NOW at the level 7 customer service counter.

We hope to see you there!

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SBO 2010 BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2v2 Champions

Upsetting the best Bangs in Japan is Tsujikawa's Taokaka, eliminating Dora and Satoshi's team during the final stages of SBO 2010. I heard he was a beast throughout the competition and I hope to find and grab videos to see for myself, maybe even posting them here for everyone.

1st - Tsujikawa (Taokaka) & Chou (Litchi)
2nd - Satoshi (Bang) & Hiroshi (Jin)
3rd - Goro (Lambda) & Fumo (Arakune) / Dora (Bang) & Hima (Arakune)

So here are the official results. If tournament results were direct proofs of the tier-list, I'm honestly both happy and sad at it. Happy because I knew Taokaka is SSS-tier, sad because I can no longer say that Bang is the highest tier character in BBCS.

It's nice to see Goro's beastly Lambda making it to 3rd place. He's the most entertaining Lambda I've seen play. I'm actually glad there's a team without a Litchi or Bang in it make it to the semi-finals.

Alas we can only wait for someone to upload the videos before we can actually see anything. Until then, keep your eyes peeled for any SBO 2010 BBCS videos and if you spot them before me or the other forum members do, please do inform us in the forums.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blazblue Chalet Aftermath

As the weekend closes, so does the Blazblue chalet. I hope everyone had fun at our little spot at Costa Sands Resort. Space was a little limited but we managed to pull it through in the end.

Shoutouts to Kuni, Hannybal and Jae for forking out the most amount of money for the chalet, espacially Kuni since he didn't even make it for both Saturday and Sunday.

Shoutouts to Vx hyping up the place. Half of team xialan is still pretty potent.

Shoutouts to jjjynx, Alex, Beergut and Zio for brining and putting together all the equipment together.

Shoutouts to Joel and Lionel for cooking the food. Really appreciate Joel's help in the cooking and willing dismembering of chickens.

Shoutouts to Edz for being the ever ready camera man.

Shoutouts to Sunbomb who is actually not Sunbomb but is now officially Sunbomb and being so nice to throw down money for drinks.

Shoutouts to the rest who chipped in for drinks. There's a whole bunch of you I think, but I'll give the shoutout to THE GREAT SALAD for letting me know that lemon barley is a good vodka mix.

Shoutouts to Shinigami for providing the catering service. I didn't get to eat most of the food but the otahs that no one ate saved the day for me.

Shoutouts to Hong Kong and CHICKEN WING.

And of course, shoutouts to EVERYONE for being such great sports. Thanks to all the veterans for sharing their equipment and moving out of the way for the newcomers by not crowding the room.

All in all, we all had lots of fun trolling each other, feasting like kings and of course playing BBCS. Congrats to all the 'winners' of the 'King of Losers' mini-competition me and Jae held. We really thank you all for being so sporting in this little contest.

Photos and videos will be uploaded soon. Do visit the forums and the Rebel2's Facebook page for updates. Keep in mind that there will be a tournament coming soon so check back for more information!

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Blazblue Chalet Underway!!

Hey everyone! The Rebel2 chalet is finally underway! Those who are coming, please remember to bring $10 or $15 if you are staying overnight and pass to Hannybal. The PS3s are hooked up, the controllers are plugged in, and the TVs already set up (widescreen yeah~!). We have people staying over there, so no matter how 'early' you arrive today, there's bound to be Blazblue action.

Looking at the weather, we might be expecting rain but don't let that drown the atmosphere of the chalet. Ultimately, the idea is to have fun socializing with each other. There will even be a small and fun competition in the evening with 'prizes' to be won!

The chalet location is finalized (obviously) and will be at COSTA SANDS RESORT, the one with the almost fully transparent swimming pool on top of the entrance. For those unsure of getting there, go to PASIR RIS MRT and ask the customer service...they get extra money for answering 'how do you get to COSTA SANDS?' questions I think.

You can also take the shuttle-bus-that-never-comes which supposedly arrives once per 30 mins I think. For those driving a car, there are several carparks around the area, most of them have fees at a per-entry rate of around $4. Please remember that TPE is the highway closest to Pasir Ris, not PIE or ECP.

Anyway, transport aside, the CHALET will be at BLOCK K ROOM 2020. Don't go there and suddenly realize that you forget the number, have no way to access internet or call us and eventually break down and cry. We might here you if you cry loud enough though...

This is Faylar, came back from the chalet, not staying overnight today and dogging at home now, signing off. See you later this evening! For more information, visit the forum thread HERE.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Blazblue: Comtinuum Shift 2 changelog!

Note that these are not the finalized changes so check back as often as possible to this post as we wait for Arksys to announce more! Note that this is mostly 'stolen' from Dustloop forums thus far, and we will build up on this list with the help of the people of our community on top of updates from Dustloop. So check back often =)

BBCS2 Changelog as of 9/11/10

5D on grounded opponents no longer floats
3C is techable
5B>6A gattling is gone
Inferno Divider no longer has wall bounce
Belial edge doesn't bounce as high any more (can still follow up with a quick 5D)
5D if hit opponent in air, functions as normal
carnage scissors will blow the opponent off greatly. If there's some proration going on, opponent can tech in mid air.

2C>5C gattling added (cannot re-input 2C)
B musou knocks down again

2C>5C gattling added (cannot re-input 2C)
j4D is damn fast. As if you can't see her falling from the air.
5D reduced invincibility frames
j4D is low hit
22B more range
22C more recovery

Overall damage increased
5B>2B gattling added
6A activation speed increased
6B on counter slides
6B jump cancel possible on block
2C hit stop increased
5C>C now slides. Mid screen C lobelia>3D> Sword iris/BBL combos. In corner 5C>C>3C can be done for 2 loops.
j2C can be canceled into attacks on landing
Lobeilas come out even when hit
George has been changed (there's a frog gauge now)
Tempest dahlia? what the heck is that? [i think he means it's been removed]
jA j2C doesnt link
jB j2C links
j3D air dash seems to be faster (in fact air dash seems to be faster)

6A faster start up, super armor, chargeable, no longer jump cancellable (needs more insight)

new jB, cat motion 2's animation for 2 hits
old jB is now j2B
taunt loop's been nerfed bad. it's now a joke.
drives are more stiff(?), increased hit stop.
health increase [i think.]

overall damage decreased
guarded drive moves give less curse meter

Can't cancel into 41236D
More gattlings without staff
6A[m] must be RC otherwise no followups available
4D slides. follow up possible in corner
6D's level(?) decreased. [maybe priority?]
jC is now techable
3C[m] is now techable
6B[m] and j.C[m] doesn't wall bounce even on counter-hit
All-Green is techable on air hit
4D>2D possible. If she's near the wall, she can pick them up with 6C, and 6C[m]'s spin can just barely follow it up if you're in a corner
2C>4D possible. If she's somewhat close to the wall, 2D will follow-up, and if she's at the corner, Haku (3-Dragons: white) will connect
2C > Haku > Chuu > Hatsu, A-Reach > Ippatsu > on-staff B, 6B > D > j.C > D-returns > land > 6C > Itsuu-C > aerial finisher (3700 dmg)
6C[m]'s spin staggers, can just barely combo afterwards in the corner.

5B slower start up
2B slower start up
2B>5B gattling added. (cannot reinput 2B)
heavenly phoenix thrust no longer wall bounces for both air and ground
3C is techable
ashura slower start up, no more invincibility frames, has become a joke DD3
hououtenku has small wall bounce
6B can tech on ground
FRKZ 2C knocks down

2B>5B gattling added cannot re-input 2B)
ada's gauge recovers slower

jD cannot be followed up
5D increased damage
[something about his yukikaze.]
other than that don't know much

5DD activation slowed
blade summonings are slower

5D instantly gives 1 stock, but holding down D gives a slightly slower charge speed
2D starts out slow but the charge speed rapidly increases. Also more stiff now.
jD charge speed increased
5B more strong
2BB>5BB gattlings added (Cannot re-input 2BB)
236A start up time increased, if comboed into cannot be follow up [i think.]
214A, B doesn't float opponent even when done by itself
623A on counter hit, untechable time decreased so cannot follow up
cannot cancel into any move from throw, throw slides. mid screen do 236D to follow up, in corner can follow up with normal combos.
after air throw timing for follow up attacks more strict
D charge have a small wall bounce. (?)

Ouroboros start up and move speed slowed (although it really feel like there's no difference)
Ouroboros gauge takes longer to recover
Ouroboros speed is slower
5B level reduced. If 5B>3C is not inputted with the fastest timing it won't combo.

parry cancel gone
5B faster start-up, can jump cancel even on block.

cannot block or crouch in wolf form. cannot switch directions.

Schedule out on Dec, 2010
card system added

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Taito Announces Arcade Download System

Quoted from AndriaSang

"Arcades are going digital thanks to Taito. At the 48th Amusement Machine Show in Chiba today, Taito announced "NESiCAxLive," a digital distribution system for arcades.

Current arcade distribution models are somewhat like package game models, as arcade operators must purchase physical copies of a game. With the NESiCAxLive system, games will be stored on Taito's servers in a data center. Arcade operators download the games via the internet directly to the arcade cabinets/boards.

The advantages of this system are similar to download models on game consoles. In addition to less cost, operators will have access to a backlog of titles, which they can provide to users based off demand. Taito says that in the future, it wants to make this into a system where players themselves will be able to select the content they want to play.

An conceptual image of the system's use shared today by Taito suggested that arcade operators will be able to store copies of games on a local server for quicker distribution to cabinets.

Taito will not be the only maker supporting this system. The company said that nine companies, including SNK Playmore and Cave, are also on board. The first title for the system will be Arc System Works' new BlazBlue Continuum Shift II, which is scheduled to be formally announced at the AM Show today

This should really happen a very very long time ago ever since DLC became the next big thing to gamers, but hey, at least it's finally happening and at least we know that when your console version gets patched, the arcade version won't fall behind that much.

Next up is probably gonna be the BBCS changelog. A part of it us up and avaliable on here and here already. Thanks for a certain cool guy for heads up on both these news =p

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rebel2 Blazblue CHALET!!

With the success of the inaugral BlazBlue 2v2 Tournament held last month, Rebel2 is proud to present our next event, a fun filled community gathering held at Costa Sands Resort from the 17th of September to the 19th.

You’ve had a feel of the competitive nature of the community at the 2v2, now come experience the friendship and camaraderie. Watch Jaeshi try to shishigami ninpo the wall, watch Faylar get trolled repeatedly by Vx, watch Kuni steal every single prawn we cook! A community is only as vital as its members, so come on down and get to know your fellow players better. The organiziers for the next tournament (oh yes, it’s coming) will be there as well, so if you have any burning questions you wanted to ask but didn’t feel comfortable doing so in public, just hit up Vx or Lionel while they’re inebriated at the chalet, they might even let you in on the details for the next few tournaments.

But of course, what is a chalet of gamers without games. There’ll be nonstop playtime going on for the duration of the chalet on two consoles. Feel like you levelled up since the tournament? Weren’t able to join the tournament because you were slow? Feel like you’ve become a better troll thanks to observing Team Xialan? Come on down and show everyone what you’ve got! If enough people are staying over, we’ll conduct special event style competitions in the middle of the night, with special prizes to be awarded in various categories!

Steal, discuss and experience the best and latest strategies and combos from the veteran players, beat them and make them BBQ you a chicken WING, it’s all good. EVERYONE, especially the newer players , is encouraged to attend the BBQ on 18th Sept, where most of the community will be. Even if you can’t stay, drop by and mingle for abit, you’d be amazed at how easy it is to make friends there.

Places are limited, so register fast HERE!

Shoutouts and special Thanks to Kuni, Hannybaba and Jae who generously donated their time and money towards making this chalet a success.

(pic stolen from google)

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

BlazBlue 2v2 Tournament Clinic Aftermath

First of all, thanks to everyone who made their way up here instead of going straight home and the handful of veterans also came up to spare a few tips or two to the newcomers. I expected it to become more of a console session than a 'clinic', but it, in the end, accomplished what it's supposed to do. Oh yes, thanks to Jonda and Vx especially for dropping by and generating hype. Wouldn't be the same without you guys.

It was a little messy, a little squeezy, but we couldn't ask for more. Even though we allocated a timing for everyone to be in the room, even though some 'illegally' remained, we are happy just because everyone is gracious enough to let the others have a chance to play. Shoutouts to Mizzet and Icecube, I can FINALLY talk to you all in a better, quieter and 'happier' environment...

It was only 3 hours, but it sure was tiring, possibly due to our lack of sleep. All the questions flying towards us were constructive and generally hard to answer in a short period of time. Questions like "How to use Tager to fight XXX?" or "How to get XXX into corner with Jin?" requires lots of matchup experiences and are too general to give a short answer. BUT most of the questions asked are good questions. I was actually afraid of people throwing annoying questions to me like "How to get Litchi's pole to hit the 2nd time in XXX combo?" but thankfully there wasn't.

A lot of you guys are generally good, just needs more experience so that you guys can get your combos and hit-confirms down. Also generally, everyone needs to mash less and block more. This applies to everyone I see in the clinic. Too many times you guys get counter-hit for no good reason.

Also, I'm happy to know that there are actually people who read the guides posted on this site. Jae and I came up with this site, and were worried about the potential traffic heading to it. I was honestly surprised when some of you guys went 'Oh he's Zio, he made the Hakumen guide on the WEBSITE'. This gives us incentive to continuously post more stuff here, to ultimately make a the one website for Singapore Blazblue players to drop by.

So thanks to all the participants for making me hogging my X360 all the way to Iluma worth it. I hope you guys had an enjoyable time, although I have no idea what's going on downstairs. If you guys have any complaints I hope you guys wrote it in the Limited Edition Feedback Form. STOP LYING TO THE FEEDBACK FORM OMG. Otherwise, forget it, bear no grudges and wait for the next event.

Please do visit the forums. Stop lurking now that you know us. We won't bite, much less eat you. More posts means more organizing needed means we might actually have our character sub-forums. Again, thanks for coming to the tournament AND not forgetting Arcadia for making all these very possible. Your immense and willing contribution for the community will not be forgotten.


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28/08/2010 2v2 Tournament Aftermath

Blazblue 2v2 Tournament @
Level 7 Iluma, Arcadia is over, and here are the results!
I hope all of you had fun!

1st Place - Leon(LI) & Evon(NO)

2nd Place - Fuzz(BA) & Xz(JI)
[Center: Fuzz. Xz disappeared before collecting his prize]

3rd Place - Daichi(AR) & Haseo(BA)

Special thanks to Arcadia for hosting this tournament for us and everyone else who has taken part to make it a success. Special shoutouts to Team Xialan for extra commentary, Farpenoodle & Kilvear for video setup and kuni for advice, all marshals and OVERSEERS.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

2v2 Tournament Random Teams Results

Hi guys, the 2v2 tournament random teams have already been generated and will be posted below. If you wish to raise any questions AT ALL, again I urge everyone to please post at the BBCS tourney thread HERE.

Please do your best to contact your partner to discuss strats, have a practice session or even just chat about common interests (highly likely you guys have one). PM him/her, get their MSN, phone number, whatever. Just talk to them and become friends. Even if you just have a 5 mins conversation online, it's still better than nothing. Doing so would hasten the growth of the community and we would very much appreciate that.

So without further ado, here are the teams:

If you wish to change teams, please go to the forums and PM 'kuni' ASAP. Otherwise, the bottom line is:
- If you are grouped with a stranger, make friends with each other. 2v2 in fighting games is NOT all about solo play. The idea is to spot each other's weaknesses and try to build onto it during practice. The idea is to spot an opponent's weakness/pattern and tell your partner about it. The idea is to make you stronger in 1v1. And the cycle continues.

- If you are already grouped with a friend, make better friends with each other. Again I emphasize that 2v2 is not all about solo play.


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Blazblue 2v2 Tournament Update


All those taking part in the Blazblue 2v2 Tournament this coming Saturday, please note the following:

- Please be on time. If you are not around at the time, you will be walked over (i.e. you lose your slot at the competition). So I urge everyone to be time.

- The Random 2v2 Teams are currently generated NOW. If you wish ask any inquiries, please do so at the Forums BlazBlue thread HERE. Do not email me or any of the authors here. Results will be posted tomorrow 2pm.

Again I cannot stress how important it is to BE ON TIME.

Thank you for all your support, and see you all at the tournament ^^

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Tournament Participants AT MAXIMUM LEVELS

Our Tournament Participants has already hit 33! We're capping @ 36!

Please sign up at Level 7, Tornado Counter ASAP if you still wanna join.
Get your lazy bums up and SIGN UP NOW.

Don't cryface when you fail to register, because Pablo already told you so!

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

BBCS: 2v2 Tournament @ Arcadia!

That's right guys. We have a tournament!

Location - Level 5 Iluma, Arcadia
Blazblue 2v2 Tournament
Date: 28th August 2010
Your partner will be randomly allocated to you

1st - 4x $10 Tornado Voucher
2nd - 2x $Tornado Voucher
3rd - 2x $5 Tornado Card

Q: Why a tournament?
A: The current Blazblue Singapore community wants new faces and YOU are invited to become part of the community! We always see random faces in the arcades and we don't seem to interact with each other, by doing this, we can get to know each other and have fun while we're at it.

Q: Whats in it for me?
A: Come on down, and meet the regulars who are already in the scene. Get to know us! We'll teach what we know to you if you ask nicely :D

Q: I'm not strong, how to play?
A: Skills don't matter. So long as you have some basic combos and are willing to learn, we'll gladly welcome you to the community! If you want to get into this game seriously, we are here to guide you. If you want to improve as a casual player, we are here too, as well to help you along. Marshals(really friendly and harmless looking ones) on that day will guide you all along, interact and get to know you all.

Q: Cool, what about teams?
A: As mentioned, it's a 2v2 tournament. Sign up and your partner will be assigned to you randomly. This way, you can get to know more people playing this game.

Q: Huh, what if we lose early in the game?
A: As listed in the poster(see above), you will get a surprise. So come down to find out!

Q: Alright, I'm convinced, what should I do?
A: Registration will be up from 9th to 27th August, 2010. While registration is up, please proceed to Level 7, TORNADO Customer Relations Counter and...

Step 1 - Request for registration form
Step 2 - Complete registration form
Step 3 - Submit payment and registration form
Step 4 - Turn up on 28th August, 2010
Step 5 - Become part of the community

Also, don't forget to join our facebook group @
Blazblue Singapore Facebook Page

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BBCS: Jin Guide by Faylar

Jin is the most versatile in the game. He has a multitude of options and tools to tackle lots of different situations in the game. His strength is actually his weakness, however. He is neither as solid as Ragna or Hakumen, nor as fast as Taokaka or Noel. He doesn't have the keep-away mobility of Lambda or the zoning abilities of Litchi. Worse of all, he doesn't have the damage unless you managed to corner or counter hit the opponent. In other words, he is a jack-of-all-trades.

General Strategy
Jin has the fastest and easiest ways to bring the opponent to the corner. His greatest damage and options will be avaliable to him once he corners the opponent. As a Jin player, most of your gameplay should revolve around trying to corner the opponent by abusing the weakness of your opponent.

Jin does not have a general method to deal with all characters, aside from trying to push them to the corner. Although it's important to learn character matchups, it is more so for Jin since you need to know which tools are good and which are not against each member of the cast. Jin’s tools are rather situational so it’s good to learn their strengths and weaknesses before you use them.

With 5 guard primers, Jin can last a good amount of time when being pressured. Use that to your advantage.

Character Matchups
Jin is very versatile. I don't really find him having problems with most of the cast. Here's a list of my thoughts. Note that’s it’s based on my experience and is prone to be subjective.

Very Easy: Rachel

Quite alright: Noel, Tsubaki

Not so bad: Carl, Arakune, Lambda, Tager, Hakumen, Litchi, Ragna

Quite bad: Taokaka, Bang

Jin’s Drive
Jin’s Drive is called Frostbite. All Jin’s D attacks and throws have this property. When you land them the first time during a combo, the opponent will be encased in ice, opening more combo options for you. Subsequent D attacks during a combo, however, will not freeze the opponent.

You might notice that Jin has 4 separate dividers for his Heat Gauge, unlike other characters which have only 2. When Jin executes a D version of his Specials, he will spend 25% heat. A D version of any of his specials does not follow the same Frostbite rules as his normals and throws. All his D Specials will freeze the opponent regardless of whether he had been once frozen or not during a combo.

To compensate for Jin’s overuse of his Heat Guage, he gains them back significantly faster than most characters.

Jin's Normals
5A -Jin slaps with his backhand. This is Jin's fastest normal. It hits quite high so it doesn't hit crouching opponents. Link it to 5C if you manage to catch the opponent in the air with this move.

5B -Jin sticks his foot out and vacuums the opponent in with a second hit. The vacuum effect is very good as a lockdown tool and it opens opportunities for pressure. The 2nd hit has pretty bad proration on it though, so if you can combo without the 2nd hit, by all means.

5C – Jin slashes with his sword. This is Jin's most useful normal. It actually has two hitboxes. This first one covers slightly above Jin's full hitbox, making it a generally viable anti-air for catching certain characters right above your head. The second one hits horizontally in front of him. This move is also jump cancelable on block, giving you more options to play with.

5D – An ice wolf appears from Jin’s hands. This move has very slow startup, only allowing you to combo 5C to it only if it counter hits. Furthermore, you can no longer chain it to any of Jin’s Specials except for Drive Specials and Distortions. Due to its startup and recovery, this move is one of Jin’s most unsafe moves. This move is dash cancelable.

2A - Jin pokes you with his scabbard. This move is your bread and butter mashable A normal. It can be used sometimes to anti air due to Jin’s rather low crouching hit box. It also has good range.

2B - Jin swipes you with his hand. This is Jin's fastest low attack (he only has 2), although it’s a bit slow. Still, we can't complain; at least he has a low and you can combo into it from 5B. This is also the move you use to lift downed opponents with.

It has really bad proration so try not to use it unless you really need to. If you do, try to keep your combo short and sweet.

2C - Jin slashes vertically, and really high up. This Jin's main fatal counter move. Although it has a slow startup, you must give it credit for having a great hitbox. Opponents must also barrier or instant block to block this move in the air. If you wish to use it for its fatal counter properties, make doubly sure that it will hit in time. For everything else, 5C will do just fine.

This move actually reduces Jin's hitbox significantly so it is actually a viable slow anti-air option. A well aimed 2C will force some air attacks to whiff, giving you the fatal counter hit.

2D - Jin summons a giant icy sword at the front, vacuuming the opponent in. One of the few moves buffed from CT. Jin's new and improved 2D is now faster, allowing it to be a pretty good block string from 5C if you manage to get the distance right. The reward is a +5 on block or even better, a hit. Either way, you win.

It has potentially many uses like using it to catch backdashes or tech rolls. It still is unsafe on whiff, just not as bad as it used to be. Note that it is considered a projectile.

6A - Jin spins his katana and bonks you with the hilt! Your one and only overhead. This move is extremely unsafe on block since you can only special cancel it only on hit. Still, at least it's faster than Hazama's and Tsubaki's.

6B - Jin jumps and kicks his opponent. His move is mainly used to punish people who try to throw or mash low attacks at you. It rather safe on block too.
This move is linkable able even from 6C and it can be special cancel-able to any of Jin’s air specials. Note that Jin doesn’t instantly jump off the ground at the start.

6C - Jin steps forward in faith and swipes upwards with his sword. This move is your standard follow up from a 5C counter hit. Canceling it to 236A makes it relatively safe. 6C can be very good against certain characters that relies a lot of jumping, or doesn’t have good damage from upfront. However, it takes time to get used to it as in anti-air.

6D - Jin creates a wall of ice. It's really slow, but it is relatively fine against most characters if you do it within 5C distance. It hits really high up, so cornered opponents who loves to jump might have some trouble escaping.
If you do manage to land it, it's free pressure game reset for you with its +12 on block on top of removing one of the opponent’s guard primers.

3C - Jin break-dances and sweeps. Jin’s sweep is potentially very good. It goes under things like Bang's 5A on startup. It's on a 10 frame startup so it's as fast as 5C. Remember that it's special cancel-able anytime during its recovery.

j.A - Jin pokes with his scabbard. It's a rather decent fast poke in the air and it's better than it looks. Use it to stuff instant air dashes against you when you expect it.

j.B - Jin swipes around him with his cloth. This is the move that everyone complains about Jin. It serves as everything: good range, good hitbox around him, good priority, meaty, good everything! It is also his move flexible air attack as it can link into any of his jumping moves.

This move actually has multiple hitboxes. It hits above Jin first, before hitting below him.

j.C - Jin stretches and reaches out with his sword horizontally. This is a little situational, but otherwise a really good poke. It’s a great move to use when you want to zone in the air.

The great thing about this move other than its reach is its recovery and its startup. You can jump, execute j.C and recover fast enough to do a double jump. This, coupled with his air projectiles, it makes Jin very flexible in zoning people in the air. Also, it’s starts up as fast as j.B.

j.2C - Jin spins to strikes above and below him. This move is fantastic lockdown both for aerial and grounded opponents, especially on jumpy, slow and fat characters like Arakune. It strikes really higher than it looks, so it can be a great tool to bring people down to ground level. The bad thing is that it can be a bit slow.

You can also link this move into j.C even on block, so it's not really a dead end for you when your opponent blocks it.

j.D - Jin stops and freezes everything around him. It’s mainly used as an air combo ender with its freezing properties. This move can also be used as a cross-up maneuver, since it hits both in front and behind him.

Jin's Throws
6B+C - Jin's forward throw. Not very combo-friendly unless you land it at the corner. You'd really rather use back throw in most situations.

4B+C - Jin's back throw. This throw is much more powerful compared to its forward variation as you can pull of a 3.5k combo into a D ice car, pushing them into the corner.

jB+C - Jin's air throw. Like his back throw, you can combo into a 3.5k combo that ends with D ice car.

Jin's Specials
(Ground Versions)
236A - Jin throws an ice sword horizontally. The recovery is pretty bad.

236B - Jin throws an ice sword horizontally that moves really fast. You can try to catch some characters off guard with this, but otherwise, the recovery is worse than 236A.

236C - Jin takes his time to launch a really slow ice sword that accelerates to 236B's speed. This is mainly used after his 3C sweep for pressure options. It catches tech rolls so when done at the corner, it prevents opponents from roll teching past you.

236D - Jin launches a big ice sword. It lasts for 3 hits and gives you more than enough time to recover and pressure. It's essentially a very good move to use especially if you want to break guard as your main objective. The problem is its rather slow startup. This move costs 25% heat and breaks only one guard primer.

(Air Versions)
j236A - Jin shoots a rather slow ice sword 15 degrees downwards. It's comboable at counter hit at weird angles and positions. When done high enough, you can recover before you reach the ground.

j236B - Jin shoots a rather slow ice sword 45 degrees downwards. Same as j236A as far as its properties goes.

j236C - Jin shoots a rather slow ice sword in the air that travels horizontally. This is the move that's most likely to hit your opponent. Being a projectile that moves horizontally, it covers the most distance. Like 236A and B, when done high enough, you are able to recover before you reach the ground.

Watch out for counter hits when you do this move. When you happen to be on the ground when the projectile counter hits, you can combo into the 5C 6C juggle, or catch them with 2D if they are too far away.

j236D - Jin shoots out 3 ice swords, one moving in 236A/B/C's directions. Unlike the rest of his air projectiles, Jin doesn’t recover until he reaches the ground. When one of the swords hit, the opponent is immediately frozen, regardless of him being frozen in the combo or not.

One common trick is to do 5B 5C block string and immediately IAD and do a fast 236D for a left right mixup.

Musou Senshouzan
214A - Jin rides an ice car. It's unsafe except at certain distances since you recover faster.

214B - Jin rides an ice car, and upon impact, slashes the opponent. Like all ice car attacks, it's unsafe on block, even worse on IB. Never EVER use it during a block string unless you have something funny in mind in conjunction with rapid canceling. This move removes a guard primer on its second hit (the slash).

214C - Jin floats higher and rides a pretty big ice car, and upon impact, slashes the opponent and knocks them down. This version starts up slower so it might not link during some combos. It also travels the furthest distance, second only to its D version. This move removes a guard primer on its second hit (the slash).

214D - Jin rides an ice taxi, and upon impact, slashes the opponent and sends them flying across the screen. This is THE move for getting your opponents to the corner. It is also the fastest and furthest travelling ice car, allowing you to combo what even the B version cannot. It costs 25% heat and removes a guard primer on its second hit (the slash).

mash C at least 5 times - Jin swings his sword wildly. The longer you mash C. the longer it lasts. It's usually used during combos, where you mash until the 8th hit, which floats the opponent from the ground with decent untechable time.

623A - Jin swings his sword in a swift strike 45 degrees above him. Opponents are forced to IB or barrier it, or eat it. It is 6 frames startup easily the fastest move he has next to 5A. On counter hit at the right height, you can link his 632146D super. At corner counter hit, it just means big damage coming his way.

Don't mash it though. The recovery is pretty horrid and people who see it coming might IB it and land fast enough to put you in the world of hurt. This move breaks a guard primer.

623B - Like 623A, only slower, much more untechable time on hit, flies opponent higher, as well as invulnerability from 6th frame onwards. The invulnerability lasts quite a while so it can be used to catch people off guard. Still very unsafe though and it is too slow to use as a reliable anti-air.

Despite all its quirky properties, this move is mostly used during a corner combo. This move breaks a guard primer.

623C - Jin's only real tensionless startup-invulnerable reversal move (a.k.a shoryuken). It starts up incredibly slow, so it's easy for opponents to throw a fast attack and still recover fast enough to block it. The rewards for landing it aren’t that great though. In most cases, it's better doing the D version. This move breaks a guard primer.

623[D]]D[ - Jin's fastest shoryuken move. This move scales very well and is an incredible combo starter at the corner. Landing it on an opponent near the corner can easily net you 5-6k damage.
When you execute this move, you can hold the D button and charge the 2nd hit, and release it whenever you want. If you charge it long enough, it will become unblockable.

Both hits must be instant blocked or barriered while in the air. This is the move that most people fighting Jin fear of getting hit by. This move costs 25% heat and removes a guard primer on its second hit.

Jin's Distortion Drives
Touga Hyoujin (632146C) - Jin cuts the air, summons a fast moving freezing wave towards the opponent. It flies across the screen, stopping anything in its path. If Rachel tries to blow animals at you, you will mercilessly kill them all and hit her in the process. This is THE move to use if you really want to punish something totally out of your reach.

On ground hit, the opponent will have left stunned for a long period of time, allowing you to run forward and 2D to catch them before they can tech out.

A few things to note: it does not have invulnerability frames, and also using it too close will only result in a few hits only. It also breaks a guard primer.

Hiyoku Getsumei (632146D) - Jin shoots an arrow towards the sky. This is Jin's only distortion with invulnerability frames. It might not hit on certain crouching characters. This distortion does a lot of small hits, so it's does okay damage even when prorated badly.

You can also use this to catch characters in the air while they are doing their specials, but make sure you hit them or you will suffer for nothing.

Yukikaze! (236236D) - Jin's version of Hakumen's counter distortion. A few differences though. Firstly it doesn't counter low attacks. Secondly, it doesn't last as long. Thirdly, you can't combo after it unless you RC.

Forthly, and finally some good news, if your opponent can jump away (because you catched a projectile or something perhaps), you are totally invulnerable until you sheath your sword. This move also gives fatal counter properties.

If you wish to learn or discuss more about Jin, please visit the thread at forums HERE

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Monday, July 26, 2010

BBCS: Lambda-11 Guide by Souhaku

High mobility heavy assault all-range versatile weaponry, in short. The trick to using Lambda in high level gameplay is to be able to utilise her guard primer breaking attacks effectively, or to score surprise attacks and successfully chaining them into long combos.

Her overall mobility is above-average among the characters. Her moves are pretty straight-forward, heavily emphasizing on reach, but have the downside of long recovery and narrow hit boxes.

To players who wish to utilise her well, I would recommend training in the following:

1) Hit Confirm
You have to be able to decide which combo to go for, whether to give it up for other options, and ultimately learn to pick up combos from random hits.

2) Flexiblility
Vary your attack strings to keep your opponent guessing. It's always a mind game.

Here's an overview of how she matches up to other characters as of 04/07/10 according to my own experience:
Bad: Carl, Taokaka, Litchi, Bang
Alright: Jin, Ragna, Arakune, Hazama
Good: Noel, Tager, Rachel, Hakumen, Tsubaki

5A: Fast jab. Does not hit crouching opponents, but sometimes do serve as an anti-air attack.

2A: Fast crouching jab. You may have to rely on this to get out of certain pressure strings.

6A: Standard anti air. Has upper-body (head area) invulnerability.

j.A: Fast jab in air. Seldom seen in actual play.

5B(1): Knee poke. Short range but good recovery.

5B(2)/6B: High kick. It has okay range.

2B: Low kick. It has good range.

4B: - 1st hit: Lower body (leg area) invulnerability, standard hit (not overhead).
- 2nd hit: Overhead attack that launches.
*If 4B 1st hit does not score a counter hit, the 2nd hit can be blocked. i.e. Not a combo. However, if the 1st hit do score a counter hit, the counter hit attributes apply on the 2nd hit as well.

j.B: Average range, meaty attack. Usable as an air-to-air.

5C: Shoots out her 8 swords individually with each tap of the button. Each sword has projectile properties, flies horizontally for a short distance and might not hit on crouching opponents.

2C: Crouch and twirls her swords around her. Launches on counter-hit. Slow attack, but a decent anti-air move nonetheless.

3C: Sweeps her opponent with a trail of swords. It is in low stance (goes under Ragna’s 5B) and all 8 hits are low hits.

6C: Charges for a split second, and throws her swords out front in a slashing manner. Wall-bounces on air targets.

j.C: Spins her swords around her in air in a horizontal circular manner. Capable of hitting behind her. Relatively long stun time allowing more combos especially on counter hit.

j.2C: Spins her swords around her in air in an upward manner.

Sword Summoner (D): All her D attacks come in pairs. i.e. 5DD, 6DD, 2DD etc.

5D: Shoots out a large sword straight forward across the field. Its range is not far enough to hit from one corner to the other corner of the screen.

6D: Shoots out a large sword slightly upwards, meant for hitting opponents attempting to air dash in.

4D: Projects a sword from behind the opponent’s head, hitting downwards. Hits overhead.

2D: Crouches down and shoots out a large sword upwards. Jump cancel-able after the 2nd D.

j.D: Stops her air movement and momentum, and shoots out a sword across the screen slightly upwards.

j.2D: Stops her air movement and momentum, and shoots out a sword across the screen slightly downwards. Jump cancel-able after the 2nd D.

Act Parser Zwei (236+command)
Will NOT cross over opponent's line on its own. If opponent is closer to you than your maximum teleport distance, you will still stop short in front of him.
- A version: Short teleport forward without any attack.
- B version: Medium teleport forward + low kick that sends opponent flying away. Excellent for creating distance.
- C version: Long teleport forward + launcher attack (nearly full screen vertical range). Similar to Jin’s 623C, except there's NO invul frames. Reduces 1 guard primer point.

Sickle Storm (236D/DC)
Summons a ground sickle at a specific location, hitting 5 times before it disappears. It recovers slightly longer than the duration of the sickle. Only the 1st hit is low property. Reduces 1 guard primer point.

Spike Chaser (214D/DC)
Summons an array of swords shooting up from the ground as if they are spikes. Launches opponent, and has a pretty fast cast time. DC version charges longer, but travels across the entire screen. Reduces 1 guard primer point.

Crescent Saber (air 214D/DC feint)
Summons a giant blade around her, hitting her opponent downwards. It is an overhead, and stops her air movement and momentum. DC version is a feint with no attack. Reduces 1 guard primer point and has Fatal Counter properties.

Gravity Seed (214+A/B/C)
Full body invulnerability until attack determination has taken place. Launches and floats opponent on hit, slows down opponent’s horizontal movements while on the seed. Has its own gauge to display its cooldown time before you are able to use it again (about 15sec). Reduces 1 guard primer point.

Calamity Sword (land/air 632146D)
Summons a gigantic sword in the air, hitting downwards. Overhead property. It has Fatal Counter properties, full body invulnerability until the attack hits, and launches. Reduces 1 guard primer point.

Legacy Edge (236236D)
Summons a portal a distance away from Lambda, which shoots out countless small swords across the screen for about 5sec. Wall bounce property.

Astral Finish:
Sword of Destruction (222D)
Land command grab. Full body invulnerable until attack determination has taken place.

If you wish to learn or discuss more about Lambda, please visit the thread at forums HERE

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