Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blazblue Chalet Aftermath

As the weekend closes, so does the Blazblue chalet. I hope everyone had fun at our little spot at Costa Sands Resort. Space was a little limited but we managed to pull it through in the end.

Shoutouts to Kuni, Hannybal and Jae for forking out the most amount of money for the chalet, espacially Kuni since he didn't even make it for both Saturday and Sunday.

Shoutouts to Vx hyping up the place. Half of team xialan is still pretty potent.

Shoutouts to jjjynx, Alex, Beergut and Zio for brining and putting together all the equipment together.

Shoutouts to Joel and Lionel for cooking the food. Really appreciate Joel's help in the cooking and willing dismembering of chickens.

Shoutouts to Edz for being the ever ready camera man.

Shoutouts to Sunbomb who is actually not Sunbomb but is now officially Sunbomb and being so nice to throw down money for drinks.

Shoutouts to the rest who chipped in for drinks. There's a whole bunch of you I think, but I'll give the shoutout to THE GREAT SALAD for letting me know that lemon barley is a good vodka mix.

Shoutouts to Shinigami for providing the catering service. I didn't get to eat most of the food but the otahs that no one ate saved the day for me.

Shoutouts to Hong Kong and CHICKEN WING.

And of course, shoutouts to EVERYONE for being such great sports. Thanks to all the veterans for sharing their equipment and moving out of the way for the newcomers by not crowding the room.

All in all, we all had lots of fun trolling each other, feasting like kings and of course playing BBCS. Congrats to all the 'winners' of the 'King of Losers' mini-competition me and Jae held. We really thank you all for being so sporting in this little contest.

Photos and videos will be uploaded soon. Do visit the forums and the Rebel2's Facebook page for updates. Keep in mind that there will be a tournament coming soon so check back for more information!

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