Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Console Tournament Aftermath!

Hey guys, it's been awhile but we finally came to the conclusion of the Halloween Console Tournament just today! Mad props to all those who participated, most of you using your subs instead of your mains to give others a chance. I hope everyone enjoyed the random 2v2 double elimination format our organizers came up with.

Congratulations to our 6 winners:
1st - Souhaku/Kenzi
2nd - R-chusan/OblivionSlayer
3rd - Kuni/Lionel

Seriously R-chusan, stop using the pad =/

Here's some shoutouts from me:

Shoutout to Team Xialan for all the great commentary, and Jonda for cosplaying the cutest schoolgirl anyone has ever seen.

Shoutout to all the guest fill-in commentaries.

Shoutout to Konjiki for beating up 'XiaoTing' for me.

Shoutout to Zio and jjjynx for providing the PS3s and the game.

Shoutout to farp the malaysian.

Shoutout to F********Joel for being a great sport :p

Shoutout to Eddie the cammyman.

Shoutouts to all the marshallers; Hiro, Hannybaba, Souhaku.

MAJOR SHOUT-OUTS TO SGFinest for providing their video recording equipment and expertise. Words cannot describe the passion and professionalism shown by the SGFinest crew today. Please visit them at to see what they are up to!

And of course, shoutout to Iluma for making all of this possible.

As usual, photos will be uploaded soon as well as videos. Yes, we will be having videos up on YouTube once we obtain them so do watch out for the birth of our channel.

If you wish to post your feedbacks, feel free to drop by at the forum HERE and list your own opinions of the whole event.



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