Friday, September 10, 2010

Blazblue: Comtinuum Shift 2 changelog!

Note that these are not the finalized changes so check back as often as possible to this post as we wait for Arksys to announce more! Note that this is mostly 'stolen' from Dustloop forums thus far, and we will build up on this list with the help of the people of our community on top of updates from Dustloop. So check back often =)

BBCS2 Changelog as of 9/11/10

5D on grounded opponents no longer floats
3C is techable
5B>6A gattling is gone
Inferno Divider no longer has wall bounce
Belial edge doesn't bounce as high any more (can still follow up with a quick 5D)
5D if hit opponent in air, functions as normal
carnage scissors will blow the opponent off greatly. If there's some proration going on, opponent can tech in mid air.

2C>5C gattling added (cannot re-input 2C)
B musou knocks down again

2C>5C gattling added (cannot re-input 2C)
j4D is damn fast. As if you can't see her falling from the air.
5D reduced invincibility frames
j4D is low hit
22B more range
22C more recovery

Overall damage increased
5B>2B gattling added
6A activation speed increased
6B on counter slides
6B jump cancel possible on block
2C hit stop increased
5C>C now slides. Mid screen C lobelia>3D> Sword iris/BBL combos. In corner 5C>C>3C can be done for 2 loops.
j2C can be canceled into attacks on landing
Lobeilas come out even when hit
George has been changed (there's a frog gauge now)
Tempest dahlia? what the heck is that? [i think he means it's been removed]
jA j2C doesnt link
jB j2C links
j3D air dash seems to be faster (in fact air dash seems to be faster)

6A faster start up, super armor, chargeable, no longer jump cancellable (needs more insight)

new jB, cat motion 2's animation for 2 hits
old jB is now j2B
taunt loop's been nerfed bad. it's now a joke.
drives are more stiff(?), increased hit stop.
health increase [i think.]

overall damage decreased
guarded drive moves give less curse meter

Can't cancel into 41236D
More gattlings without staff
6A[m] must be RC otherwise no followups available
4D slides. follow up possible in corner
6D's level(?) decreased. [maybe priority?]
jC is now techable
3C[m] is now techable
6B[m] and j.C[m] doesn't wall bounce even on counter-hit
All-Green is techable on air hit
4D>2D possible. If she's near the wall, she can pick them up with 6C, and 6C[m]'s spin can just barely follow it up if you're in a corner
2C>4D possible. If she's somewhat close to the wall, 2D will follow-up, and if she's at the corner, Haku (3-Dragons: white) will connect
2C > Haku > Chuu > Hatsu, A-Reach > Ippatsu > on-staff B, 6B > D > j.C > D-returns > land > 6C > Itsuu-C > aerial finisher (3700 dmg)
6C[m]'s spin staggers, can just barely combo afterwards in the corner.

5B slower start up
2B slower start up
2B>5B gattling added. (cannot reinput 2B)
heavenly phoenix thrust no longer wall bounces for both air and ground
3C is techable
ashura slower start up, no more invincibility frames, has become a joke DD3
hououtenku has small wall bounce
6B can tech on ground
FRKZ 2C knocks down

2B>5B gattling added cannot re-input 2B)
ada's gauge recovers slower

jD cannot be followed up
5D increased damage
[something about his yukikaze.]
other than that don't know much

5DD activation slowed
blade summonings are slower

5D instantly gives 1 stock, but holding down D gives a slightly slower charge speed
2D starts out slow but the charge speed rapidly increases. Also more stiff now.
jD charge speed increased
5B more strong
2BB>5BB gattlings added (Cannot re-input 2BB)
236A start up time increased, if comboed into cannot be follow up [i think.]
214A, B doesn't float opponent even when done by itself
623A on counter hit, untechable time decreased so cannot follow up
cannot cancel into any move from throw, throw slides. mid screen do 236D to follow up, in corner can follow up with normal combos.
after air throw timing for follow up attacks more strict
D charge have a small wall bounce. (?)

Ouroboros start up and move speed slowed (although it really feel like there's no difference)
Ouroboros gauge takes longer to recover
Ouroboros speed is slower
5B level reduced. If 5B>3C is not inputted with the fastest timing it won't combo.

parry cancel gone
5B faster start-up, can jump cancel even on block.

cannot block or crouch in wolf form. cannot switch directions.

Schedule out on Dec, 2010
card system added

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