Thursday, August 26, 2010

2v2 Tournament Random Teams Results

Hi guys, the 2v2 tournament random teams have already been generated and will be posted below. If you wish to raise any questions AT ALL, again I urge everyone to please post at the BBCS tourney thread HERE.

Please do your best to contact your partner to discuss strats, have a practice session or even just chat about common interests (highly likely you guys have one). PM him/her, get their MSN, phone number, whatever. Just talk to them and become friends. Even if you just have a 5 mins conversation online, it's still better than nothing. Doing so would hasten the growth of the community and we would very much appreciate that.

So without further ado, here are the teams:

If you wish to change teams, please go to the forums and PM 'kuni' ASAP. Otherwise, the bottom line is:
- If you are grouped with a stranger, make friends with each other. 2v2 in fighting games is NOT all about solo play. The idea is to spot each other's weaknesses and try to build onto it during practice. The idea is to spot an opponent's weakness/pattern and tell your partner about it. The idea is to make you stronger in 1v1. And the cycle continues.

- If you are already grouped with a friend, make better friends with each other. Again I emphasize that 2v2 is not all about solo play.


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