Saturday, September 25, 2010

Akahoshi Memorial Tournament Exclusive Merchandise!

That's right folks, as promised (and spoiled for those of you who were at bugis these last few days) Rebel2 brings to you it's very own limited edition AKAHOSHI MEMORIAL T-SHIRTS.

Modeled here by the lovely luissa, these t-shirts are stylish enough to wear to your own wedding. Or in the case of kuanyi, awesome enough to scare the shit out of your mother.

Stocks are EXTREMELY limited, and since we hate lugging shit around, we're going to be putting these up for pre-orders.

Send an email to rebel2sg [at] with the title "Akahoshi Memorial T-shirt Pre-order" and state your name, nickname and preferred size.

The cost for each of these works of onanistic art is a paltry $20 if you pre-order NOW. You'll receive your shirt on tourney day, 02/10/10 once you pay up.

Sales on the day itself will set you back $25, so really. It makes no sense whatsoever not to pre-order now.

For more information, go to the Round1 Forums here!

More pictures from the photo shoot can be found at our Rebel2 Facebook page here!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Akahoshi Memorial Tournament

REBEL 2 officially announces: The Akahoshi Memorial Tournament! (赤星記念闘劇)

NOTE: Due to a set of very unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances the tournament has been pushed back by one week to the 2nd of October. Signups are still open now.

Venue: Arcadia (Iluma 5th Floor)
Date: 02/10/10 (Saturday)
Time: 1330 – 1800
Registration Fee: $4
Prizes: $40/$20/$10 vouchers for top 3

In loving memory of our dearly departed friend Daichi, Rebel2 is hosting another exciting event in his honor. The Akahoshi Memorial BlazBlue Tournament is happening THIS SATURDAY. With the success of the 2v2 random team tournament last month and chalet last weekend, we decided to give our players the chance to exhibit their new found skills in the most challenging format possible: 1v1.

Felt like you were being held back by your partners during the previous tourney? Felt like the competitive field was too watered down by the lack of veteran players? Felt like you would have placed regardless? This tournament is open to ALL!

Come on down to pit your skills against the best Singapore’s BlazBlue scene has to offer, and hang out with your new found best friends. Even if you can’t make it for the tournament, come on down halfway to give your support, and listen in to commentary by special guests Team Xialan.

* Special limited edition merchandise will be available, as well as possible pre-orders for something really really special!

Signups are open NOW at the level 7 customer service counter.

We hope to see you there!

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SBO 2010 BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2v2 Champions

Upsetting the best Bangs in Japan is Tsujikawa's Taokaka, eliminating Dora and Satoshi's team during the final stages of SBO 2010. I heard he was a beast throughout the competition and I hope to find and grab videos to see for myself, maybe even posting them here for everyone.

1st - Tsujikawa (Taokaka) & Chou (Litchi)
2nd - Satoshi (Bang) & Hiroshi (Jin)
3rd - Goro (Lambda) & Fumo (Arakune) / Dora (Bang) & Hima (Arakune)

So here are the official results. If tournament results were direct proofs of the tier-list, I'm honestly both happy and sad at it. Happy because I knew Taokaka is SSS-tier, sad because I can no longer say that Bang is the highest tier character in BBCS.

It's nice to see Goro's beastly Lambda making it to 3rd place. He's the most entertaining Lambda I've seen play. I'm actually glad there's a team without a Litchi or Bang in it make it to the semi-finals.

Alas we can only wait for someone to upload the videos before we can actually see anything. Until then, keep your eyes peeled for any SBO 2010 BBCS videos and if you spot them before me or the other forum members do, please do inform us in the forums.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blazblue Chalet Aftermath

As the weekend closes, so does the Blazblue chalet. I hope everyone had fun at our little spot at Costa Sands Resort. Space was a little limited but we managed to pull it through in the end.

Shoutouts to Kuni, Hannybal and Jae for forking out the most amount of money for the chalet, espacially Kuni since he didn't even make it for both Saturday and Sunday.

Shoutouts to Vx hyping up the place. Half of team xialan is still pretty potent.

Shoutouts to jjjynx, Alex, Beergut and Zio for brining and putting together all the equipment together.

Shoutouts to Joel and Lionel for cooking the food. Really appreciate Joel's help in the cooking and willing dismembering of chickens.

Shoutouts to Edz for being the ever ready camera man.

Shoutouts to Sunbomb who is actually not Sunbomb but is now officially Sunbomb and being so nice to throw down money for drinks.

Shoutouts to the rest who chipped in for drinks. There's a whole bunch of you I think, but I'll give the shoutout to THE GREAT SALAD for letting me know that lemon barley is a good vodka mix.

Shoutouts to Shinigami for providing the catering service. I didn't get to eat most of the food but the otahs that no one ate saved the day for me.

Shoutouts to Hong Kong and CHICKEN WING.

And of course, shoutouts to EVERYONE for being such great sports. Thanks to all the veterans for sharing their equipment and moving out of the way for the newcomers by not crowding the room.

All in all, we all had lots of fun trolling each other, feasting like kings and of course playing BBCS. Congrats to all the 'winners' of the 'King of Losers' mini-competition me and Jae held. We really thank you all for being so sporting in this little contest.

Photos and videos will be uploaded soon. Do visit the forums and the Rebel2's Facebook page for updates. Keep in mind that there will be a tournament coming soon so check back for more information!

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Blazblue Chalet Underway!!

Hey everyone! The Rebel2 chalet is finally underway! Those who are coming, please remember to bring $10 or $15 if you are staying overnight and pass to Hannybal. The PS3s are hooked up, the controllers are plugged in, and the TVs already set up (widescreen yeah~!). We have people staying over there, so no matter how 'early' you arrive today, there's bound to be Blazblue action.

Looking at the weather, we might be expecting rain but don't let that drown the atmosphere of the chalet. Ultimately, the idea is to have fun socializing with each other. There will even be a small and fun competition in the evening with 'prizes' to be won!

The chalet location is finalized (obviously) and will be at COSTA SANDS RESORT, the one with the almost fully transparent swimming pool on top of the entrance. For those unsure of getting there, go to PASIR RIS MRT and ask the customer service...they get extra money for answering 'how do you get to COSTA SANDS?' questions I think.

You can also take the shuttle-bus-that-never-comes which supposedly arrives once per 30 mins I think. For those driving a car, there are several carparks around the area, most of them have fees at a per-entry rate of around $4. Please remember that TPE is the highway closest to Pasir Ris, not PIE or ECP.

Anyway, transport aside, the CHALET will be at BLOCK K ROOM 2020. Don't go there and suddenly realize that you forget the number, have no way to access internet or call us and eventually break down and cry. We might here you if you cry loud enough though...

This is Faylar, came back from the chalet, not staying overnight today and dogging at home now, signing off. See you later this evening! For more information, visit the forum thread HERE.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Blazblue: Comtinuum Shift 2 changelog!

Note that these are not the finalized changes so check back as often as possible to this post as we wait for Arksys to announce more! Note that this is mostly 'stolen' from Dustloop forums thus far, and we will build up on this list with the help of the people of our community on top of updates from Dustloop. So check back often =)

BBCS2 Changelog as of 9/11/10

5D on grounded opponents no longer floats
3C is techable
5B>6A gattling is gone
Inferno Divider no longer has wall bounce
Belial edge doesn't bounce as high any more (can still follow up with a quick 5D)
5D if hit opponent in air, functions as normal
carnage scissors will blow the opponent off greatly. If there's some proration going on, opponent can tech in mid air.

2C>5C gattling added (cannot re-input 2C)
B musou knocks down again

2C>5C gattling added (cannot re-input 2C)
j4D is damn fast. As if you can't see her falling from the air.
5D reduced invincibility frames
j4D is low hit
22B more range
22C more recovery

Overall damage increased
5B>2B gattling added
6A activation speed increased
6B on counter slides
6B jump cancel possible on block
2C hit stop increased
5C>C now slides. Mid screen C lobelia>3D> Sword iris/BBL combos. In corner 5C>C>3C can be done for 2 loops.
j2C can be canceled into attacks on landing
Lobeilas come out even when hit
George has been changed (there's a frog gauge now)
Tempest dahlia? what the heck is that? [i think he means it's been removed]
jA j2C doesnt link
jB j2C links
j3D air dash seems to be faster (in fact air dash seems to be faster)

6A faster start up, super armor, chargeable, no longer jump cancellable (needs more insight)

new jB, cat motion 2's animation for 2 hits
old jB is now j2B
taunt loop's been nerfed bad. it's now a joke.
drives are more stiff(?), increased hit stop.
health increase [i think.]

overall damage decreased
guarded drive moves give less curse meter

Can't cancel into 41236D
More gattlings without staff
6A[m] must be RC otherwise no followups available
4D slides. follow up possible in corner
6D's level(?) decreased. [maybe priority?]
jC is now techable
3C[m] is now techable
6B[m] and j.C[m] doesn't wall bounce even on counter-hit
All-Green is techable on air hit
4D>2D possible. If she's near the wall, she can pick them up with 6C, and 6C[m]'s spin can just barely follow it up if you're in a corner
2C>4D possible. If she's somewhat close to the wall, 2D will follow-up, and if she's at the corner, Haku (3-Dragons: white) will connect
2C > Haku > Chuu > Hatsu, A-Reach > Ippatsu > on-staff B, 6B > D > j.C > D-returns > land > 6C > Itsuu-C > aerial finisher (3700 dmg)
6C[m]'s spin staggers, can just barely combo afterwards in the corner.

5B slower start up
2B slower start up
2B>5B gattling added. (cannot reinput 2B)
heavenly phoenix thrust no longer wall bounces for both air and ground
3C is techable
ashura slower start up, no more invincibility frames, has become a joke DD3
hououtenku has small wall bounce
6B can tech on ground
FRKZ 2C knocks down

2B>5B gattling added cannot re-input 2B)
ada's gauge recovers slower

jD cannot be followed up
5D increased damage
[something about his yukikaze.]
other than that don't know much

5DD activation slowed
blade summonings are slower

5D instantly gives 1 stock, but holding down D gives a slightly slower charge speed
2D starts out slow but the charge speed rapidly increases. Also more stiff now.
jD charge speed increased
5B more strong
2BB>5BB gattlings added (Cannot re-input 2BB)
236A start up time increased, if comboed into cannot be follow up [i think.]
214A, B doesn't float opponent even when done by itself
623A on counter hit, untechable time decreased so cannot follow up
cannot cancel into any move from throw, throw slides. mid screen do 236D to follow up, in corner can follow up with normal combos.
after air throw timing for follow up attacks more strict
D charge have a small wall bounce. (?)

Ouroboros start up and move speed slowed (although it really feel like there's no difference)
Ouroboros gauge takes longer to recover
Ouroboros speed is slower
5B level reduced. If 5B>3C is not inputted with the fastest timing it won't combo.

parry cancel gone
5B faster start-up, can jump cancel even on block.

cannot block or crouch in wolf form. cannot switch directions.

Schedule out on Dec, 2010
card system added

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Taito Announces Arcade Download System

Quoted from AndriaSang

"Arcades are going digital thanks to Taito. At the 48th Amusement Machine Show in Chiba today, Taito announced "NESiCAxLive," a digital distribution system for arcades.

Current arcade distribution models are somewhat like package game models, as arcade operators must purchase physical copies of a game. With the NESiCAxLive system, games will be stored on Taito's servers in a data center. Arcade operators download the games via the internet directly to the arcade cabinets/boards.

The advantages of this system are similar to download models on game consoles. In addition to less cost, operators will have access to a backlog of titles, which they can provide to users based off demand. Taito says that in the future, it wants to make this into a system where players themselves will be able to select the content they want to play.

An conceptual image of the system's use shared today by Taito suggested that arcade operators will be able to store copies of games on a local server for quicker distribution to cabinets.

Taito will not be the only maker supporting this system. The company said that nine companies, including SNK Playmore and Cave, are also on board. The first title for the system will be Arc System Works' new BlazBlue Continuum Shift II, which is scheduled to be formally announced at the AM Show today

This should really happen a very very long time ago ever since DLC became the next big thing to gamers, but hey, at least it's finally happening and at least we know that when your console version gets patched, the arcade version won't fall behind that much.

Next up is probably gonna be the BBCS changelog. A part of it us up and avaliable on here and here already. Thanks for a certain cool guy for heads up on both these news =p

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rebel2 Blazblue CHALET!!

With the success of the inaugral BlazBlue 2v2 Tournament held last month, Rebel2 is proud to present our next event, a fun filled community gathering held at Costa Sands Resort from the 17th of September to the 19th.

You’ve had a feel of the competitive nature of the community at the 2v2, now come experience the friendship and camaraderie. Watch Jaeshi try to shishigami ninpo the wall, watch Faylar get trolled repeatedly by Vx, watch Kuni steal every single prawn we cook! A community is only as vital as its members, so come on down and get to know your fellow players better. The organiziers for the next tournament (oh yes, it’s coming) will be there as well, so if you have any burning questions you wanted to ask but didn’t feel comfortable doing so in public, just hit up Vx or Lionel while they’re inebriated at the chalet, they might even let you in on the details for the next few tournaments.

But of course, what is a chalet of gamers without games. There’ll be nonstop playtime going on for the duration of the chalet on two consoles. Feel like you levelled up since the tournament? Weren’t able to join the tournament because you were slow? Feel like you’ve become a better troll thanks to observing Team Xialan? Come on down and show everyone what you’ve got! If enough people are staying over, we’ll conduct special event style competitions in the middle of the night, with special prizes to be awarded in various categories!

Steal, discuss and experience the best and latest strategies and combos from the veteran players, beat them and make them BBQ you a chicken WING, it’s all good. EVERYONE, especially the newer players , is encouraged to attend the BBQ on 18th Sept, where most of the community will be. Even if you can’t stay, drop by and mingle for abit, you’d be amazed at how easy it is to make friends there.

Places are limited, so register fast HERE!

Shoutouts and special Thanks to Kuni, Hannybaba and Jae who generously donated their time and money towards making this chalet a success.

(pic stolen from google)

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