Saturday, October 9, 2010

Upcoming Halloween Console Tournament!

From our Omnipotent
Commentator cum Organiser, 'VX':

Attention players, dogs, onani girls and assorted Ehs. With the upcoming release of BB:CS2 hot on everyone's minds, Rebel2 proudly brings to you our very first Halloween Console Tournament. Come on down and show off your new found skills with the DLC characters and let everyone know why they're a force to be feared once the arcade release comes out!

In the spirit of encouraging a diverse player as well as character base, this will be a RANDOM TEAM 2v2 event. Players will be randomly assigned team mates by our wonderfully sexy tournament software on the day itself, or earlier if we max out slots.

In the spirit of All Hallow's Eve, the first 10 people to show up in costume on that day will have their entry fees waived. So slut it up and come scantily dressed. In fact, if you come naked, I'll personally cover your entry fee.

Date: 31/10/10
Time: 1230
Format: Random Team 2v2 Double elimination

Registration is open NOW, so head on down to everyone's favourite place the level 7 counter at Iluma to register today. Oh, and catch a shrilling lady while you're there. Only 370 tickets at mushroom, best redemption item ever. If you bring it to the tournament, i'll let you squeeze it into the mic.

Well, you heard the man, its going to be a smoking hot Halloween this year at Illuma, so see all of you there!

Check out for more details!

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