Monday, September 20, 2010

The Akahoshi Memorial Tournament

REBEL 2 officially announces: The Akahoshi Memorial Tournament! (赤星記念闘劇)

NOTE: Due to a set of very unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances the tournament has been pushed back by one week to the 2nd of October. Signups are still open now.

Venue: Arcadia (Iluma 5th Floor)
Date: 02/10/10 (Saturday)
Time: 1330 – 1800
Registration Fee: $4
Prizes: $40/$20/$10 vouchers for top 3

In loving memory of our dearly departed friend Daichi, Rebel2 is hosting another exciting event in his honor. The Akahoshi Memorial BlazBlue Tournament is happening THIS SATURDAY. With the success of the 2v2 random team tournament last month and chalet last weekend, we decided to give our players the chance to exhibit their new found skills in the most challenging format possible: 1v1.

Felt like you were being held back by your partners during the previous tourney? Felt like the competitive field was too watered down by the lack of veteran players? Felt like you would have placed regardless? This tournament is open to ALL!

Come on down to pit your skills against the best Singapore’s BlazBlue scene has to offer, and hang out with your new found best friends. Even if you can’t make it for the tournament, come on down halfway to give your support, and listen in to commentary by special guests Team Xialan.

* Special limited edition merchandise will be available, as well as possible pre-orders for something really really special!

Signups are open NOW at the level 7 customer service counter.

We hope to see you there!

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