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BBCS: Lambda-11 Guide by Souhaku

High mobility heavy assault all-range versatile weaponry, in short. The trick to using Lambda in high level gameplay is to be able to utilise her guard primer breaking attacks effectively, or to score surprise attacks and successfully chaining them into long combos.

Her overall mobility is above-average among the characters. Her moves are pretty straight-forward, heavily emphasizing on reach, but have the downside of long recovery and narrow hit boxes.

To players who wish to utilise her well, I would recommend training in the following:

1) Hit Confirm
You have to be able to decide which combo to go for, whether to give it up for other options, and ultimately learn to pick up combos from random hits.

2) Flexiblility
Vary your attack strings to keep your opponent guessing. It's always a mind game.

Here's an overview of how she matches up to other characters as of 04/07/10 according to my own experience:
Bad: Carl, Taokaka, Litchi, Bang
Alright: Jin, Ragna, Arakune, Hazama
Good: Noel, Tager, Rachel, Hakumen, Tsubaki

5A: Fast jab. Does not hit crouching opponents, but sometimes do serve as an anti-air attack.

2A: Fast crouching jab. You may have to rely on this to get out of certain pressure strings.

6A: Standard anti air. Has upper-body (head area) invulnerability.

j.A: Fast jab in air. Seldom seen in actual play.

5B(1): Knee poke. Short range but good recovery.

5B(2)/6B: High kick. It has okay range.

2B: Low kick. It has good range.

4B: - 1st hit: Lower body (leg area) invulnerability, standard hit (not overhead).
- 2nd hit: Overhead attack that launches.
*If 4B 1st hit does not score a counter hit, the 2nd hit can be blocked. i.e. Not a combo. However, if the 1st hit do score a counter hit, the counter hit attributes apply on the 2nd hit as well.

j.B: Average range, meaty attack. Usable as an air-to-air.

5C: Shoots out her 8 swords individually with each tap of the button. Each sword has projectile properties, flies horizontally for a short distance and might not hit on crouching opponents.

2C: Crouch and twirls her swords around her. Launches on counter-hit. Slow attack, but a decent anti-air move nonetheless.

3C: Sweeps her opponent with a trail of swords. It is in low stance (goes under Ragna’s 5B) and all 8 hits are low hits.

6C: Charges for a split second, and throws her swords out front in a slashing manner. Wall-bounces on air targets.

j.C: Spins her swords around her in air in a horizontal circular manner. Capable of hitting behind her. Relatively long stun time allowing more combos especially on counter hit.

j.2C: Spins her swords around her in air in an upward manner.

Sword Summoner (D): All her D attacks come in pairs. i.e. 5DD, 6DD, 2DD etc.

5D: Shoots out a large sword straight forward across the field. Its range is not far enough to hit from one corner to the other corner of the screen.

6D: Shoots out a large sword slightly upwards, meant for hitting opponents attempting to air dash in.

4D: Projects a sword from behind the opponent’s head, hitting downwards. Hits overhead.

2D: Crouches down and shoots out a large sword upwards. Jump cancel-able after the 2nd D.

j.D: Stops her air movement and momentum, and shoots out a sword across the screen slightly upwards.

j.2D: Stops her air movement and momentum, and shoots out a sword across the screen slightly downwards. Jump cancel-able after the 2nd D.

Act Parser Zwei (236+command)
Will NOT cross over opponent's line on its own. If opponent is closer to you than your maximum teleport distance, you will still stop short in front of him.
- A version: Short teleport forward without any attack.
- B version: Medium teleport forward + low kick that sends opponent flying away. Excellent for creating distance.
- C version: Long teleport forward + launcher attack (nearly full screen vertical range). Similar to Jin’s 623C, except there's NO invul frames. Reduces 1 guard primer point.

Sickle Storm (236D/DC)
Summons a ground sickle at a specific location, hitting 5 times before it disappears. It recovers slightly longer than the duration of the sickle. Only the 1st hit is low property. Reduces 1 guard primer point.

Spike Chaser (214D/DC)
Summons an array of swords shooting up from the ground as if they are spikes. Launches opponent, and has a pretty fast cast time. DC version charges longer, but travels across the entire screen. Reduces 1 guard primer point.

Crescent Saber (air 214D/DC feint)
Summons a giant blade around her, hitting her opponent downwards. It is an overhead, and stops her air movement and momentum. DC version is a feint with no attack. Reduces 1 guard primer point and has Fatal Counter properties.

Gravity Seed (214+A/B/C)
Full body invulnerability until attack determination has taken place. Launches and floats opponent on hit, slows down opponent’s horizontal movements while on the seed. Has its own gauge to display its cooldown time before you are able to use it again (about 15sec). Reduces 1 guard primer point.

Calamity Sword (land/air 632146D)
Summons a gigantic sword in the air, hitting downwards. Overhead property. It has Fatal Counter properties, full body invulnerability until the attack hits, and launches. Reduces 1 guard primer point.

Legacy Edge (236236D)
Summons a portal a distance away from Lambda, which shoots out countless small swords across the screen for about 5sec. Wall bounce property.

Astral Finish:
Sword of Destruction (222D)
Land command grab. Full body invulnerable until attack determination has taken place.

If you wish to learn or discuss more about Lambda, please visit the thread at forums HERE

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