Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Akahoshi Memorial Tournament Aftermath

The Akahoshi Memorial Tournament concluded yesterday with an unexpected winner! Khairi (^^), our legendary Malay player who has just returned from Japan and climbed his way to first place! Whether his powers which allowed him to clench victory was derived from wearing his 'Kamen Rider' mask, sporting his newly re-bonded hair or from his Malay origin we will probably never figure it out.

Second place goes to Zio with his power of love and Third place goes to Jae who eliminated Chichiboy, whom was shocked that Jae was knocked out by Malay in the first place. For Chichiboy, all of a sudden Third placing actually seemed difficult to achieve!

Props to all the players who participated. Photos will be uploaded soon so keep a look out for them either in our Twitter or on this blog. Thanks for listening to my lousy commentary attempts and for participating! Thanks to all those who bought the awesome LIMITED EDITION Akahoshi T-shirt! Thanks also for keeping the good distance away from the machine!

And finally, thanks to Iluma for making all this possible.

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