Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rebel2 @ AFAX: 13~14th Nov Tournament

Huge news directly from Team Xialan's VX @ Round1:

Already everyone, we are going to have a tournament THIS COMING WEEKEND at AFAX!

Details have yet to be finalized, but i know you weeaboos were planning to head down anyways. Now you get to head down, be an otaku, and join a BlazBlue Tournament as well, with CASH prizes generously sponsored by

Date: 13-14th Nov 2010
Format: 1v1
Entrance Fee: FREE (not counting the AFAX entrance fee)

Details are yet to be confirmed, but tentatively, the top 8 qualifiers from Day 1 will be entered into the quarter-finals on day 2.

Details will be updated as they become available, so please stay tuned. Bring your friends, your family, your grandmothers and especially your loli-sisters, because this tournament is gonna be a BLAST.

Now thats what we're talking about, more events for our favorite 2D fighter!
Our best men, Team Xialan will be hosting the tournament so expect HYPE.
Even your grandmother will approve. MRMM MRMM.


  1. I'm curious, can we use gamepads in this tournament? I suck with the stick xD.

  2. Hi! Thanks for posting on the blog!

    The organisers will by default use sticks for the tourney to facilitate smooth running of the brackets.

    However if by popular demand, ie. 5 or more pad players request for pad support, it will be reconsidered. Players are reminded to bring their own pads just in case because Rebel2 will not be providing support for pads by default.