Saturday, August 28, 2010

28/08/2010 2v2 Tournament Aftermath

Blazblue 2v2 Tournament @
Level 7 Iluma, Arcadia is over, and here are the results!
I hope all of you had fun!

1st Place - Leon(LI) & Evon(NO)

2nd Place - Fuzz(BA) & Xz(JI)
[Center: Fuzz. Xz disappeared before collecting his prize]

3rd Place - Daichi(AR) & Haseo(BA)

Special thanks to Arcadia for hosting this tournament for us and everyone else who has taken part to make it a success. Special shoutouts to Team Xialan for extra commentary, Farpenoodle & Kilvear for video setup and kuni for advice, all marshals and OVERSEERS.

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