Friday, December 24, 2010

BBCS 3v3 Random Team Aftermaths!

Sorry for the last post, but here are the results for last week's BBCS 3v3 Random Team Double Elimination Tournament held at Iluma!

1st place: Team mashsuperandwin-Hiro(TAO)/Kenzi(BANG)/IAmRauizu(NOEL)


2nd place: Team Faylar(JIN)/Joel(RAG)/Alex(TAO)


3rd place: Team Neo Din Gee(RAG?)/OblivionSlayer(BANG)/R-chusan(ARA)


Once again, many thanks to the organizing committee for making this tournament possible, especially to Pablo for forking out his own pocket money for the sound cable to let us all have a more enjoyable experience!

Do visit our forums for details on upcoming events and news especially on BBCS2 at our forums at here!

For more photos on this event, feel free to check out our local photographer (hope he's camera's okay) Edumand's album here!

1 comment:

  1. congratulations on your random team battle!

    Do you guys play in XBL or PSN? any way your community can play with ours one day? =D