Sunday, November 14, 2010


I NEEDS MOAR BLAZBLUE @ AFAX 14th November 2010

The results from the Last Chance qualifiers:
  • 4th Qualifiers
  • Pablo - Taokaka
  • Hannybal - Litchi
  • TKB - Noel
  • Lionel - Hakumen

The 16-man double elimination match is over and here are the results:

1st - Jaeshi (Bang)
2nd - ChiChiBoy (Ragna)
3rd - Pablo (Taokaka)

Top three winners walked away with $100, $60, $40 respectively all proudly sponsored by SGFinest.

MVP by vote goes to ZackTee (Carl) who achieved 4th place, received a 24 carat gold brick by Team Xialan.

Special Shoutouts to :

SGFinest for their unparalleled support. We could not have done it at AFAX, one of the hottest events of the year without them.

Team Xialan for running the tournament and providing commentary.

Farpenoodle for coming down both days diligently making the brackets and helped out in running the tournament.

Jjjynx and Albert who greatly contributed with the use of their PS3s. Without them we would just steam take cab and go home la Joel.

Yamamoto Transport for powering Team Xialan. Without them, the MCs on the ministage would not be so steam.

Lionel for putting money and time into masterminding the tourney. Plus the Rebel2 corner was easily the most comfortable spot in AFAX with his couch and secret beanbag.

And of course, AFAX itself for hosting the hype that was the Blazblue community.


Rebel2 will be posting up the match vids for the Semi Finals and up as soon as we can. Keep your eyes peeled for the next update!

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