Saturday, August 28, 2010

BlazBlue 2v2 Tournament Clinic Aftermath

First of all, thanks to everyone who made their way up here instead of going straight home and the handful of veterans also came up to spare a few tips or two to the newcomers. I expected it to become more of a console session than a 'clinic', but it, in the end, accomplished what it's supposed to do. Oh yes, thanks to Jonda and Vx especially for dropping by and generating hype. Wouldn't be the same without you guys.

It was a little messy, a little squeezy, but we couldn't ask for more. Even though we allocated a timing for everyone to be in the room, even though some 'illegally' remained, we are happy just because everyone is gracious enough to let the others have a chance to play. Shoutouts to Mizzet and Icecube, I can FINALLY talk to you all in a better, quieter and 'happier' environment...

It was only 3 hours, but it sure was tiring, possibly due to our lack of sleep. All the questions flying towards us were constructive and generally hard to answer in a short period of time. Questions like "How to use Tager to fight XXX?" or "How to get XXX into corner with Jin?" requires lots of matchup experiences and are too general to give a short answer. BUT most of the questions asked are good questions. I was actually afraid of people throwing annoying questions to me like "How to get Litchi's pole to hit the 2nd time in XXX combo?" but thankfully there wasn't.

A lot of you guys are generally good, just needs more experience so that you guys can get your combos and hit-confirms down. Also generally, everyone needs to mash less and block more. This applies to everyone I see in the clinic. Too many times you guys get counter-hit for no good reason.

Also, I'm happy to know that there are actually people who read the guides posted on this site. Jae and I came up with this site, and were worried about the potential traffic heading to it. I was honestly surprised when some of you guys went 'Oh he's Zio, he made the Hakumen guide on the WEBSITE'. This gives us incentive to continuously post more stuff here, to ultimately make a the one website for Singapore Blazblue players to drop by.

So thanks to all the participants for making me hogging my X360 all the way to Iluma worth it. I hope you guys had an enjoyable time, although I have no idea what's going on downstairs. If you guys have any complaints I hope you guys wrote it in the Limited Edition Feedback Form. STOP LYING TO THE FEEDBACK FORM OMG. Otherwise, forget it, bear no grudges and wait for the next event.

Please do visit the forums. Stop lurking now that you know us. We won't bite, much less eat you. More posts means more organizing needed means we might actually have our character sub-forums. Again, thanks for coming to the tournament AND not forgetting Arcadia for making all these very possible. Your immense and willing contribution for the community will not be forgotten.


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