Friday, September 17, 2010

Blazblue Chalet Underway!!

Hey everyone! The Rebel2 chalet is finally underway! Those who are coming, please remember to bring $10 or $15 if you are staying overnight and pass to Hannybal. The PS3s are hooked up, the controllers are plugged in, and the TVs already set up (widescreen yeah~!). We have people staying over there, so no matter how 'early' you arrive today, there's bound to be Blazblue action.

Looking at the weather, we might be expecting rain but don't let that drown the atmosphere of the chalet. Ultimately, the idea is to have fun socializing with each other. There will even be a small and fun competition in the evening with 'prizes' to be won!

The chalet location is finalized (obviously) and will be at COSTA SANDS RESORT, the one with the almost fully transparent swimming pool on top of the entrance. For those unsure of getting there, go to PASIR RIS MRT and ask the customer service...they get extra money for answering 'how do you get to COSTA SANDS?' questions I think.

You can also take the shuttle-bus-that-never-comes which supposedly arrives once per 30 mins I think. For those driving a car, there are several carparks around the area, most of them have fees at a per-entry rate of around $4. Please remember that TPE is the highway closest to Pasir Ris, not PIE or ECP.

Anyway, transport aside, the CHALET will be at BLOCK K ROOM 2020. Don't go there and suddenly realize that you forget the number, have no way to access internet or call us and eventually break down and cry. We might here you if you cry loud enough though...

This is Faylar, came back from the chalet, not staying overnight today and dogging at home now, signing off. See you later this evening! For more information, visit the forum thread HERE.

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